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Tailored lending solutions utilising a huge range of lenders, highly skilled team of professionals who can provide advice for the first home buyer to the sophisticated wealth accumulator.

Our Services

First Home Buyers

We understand that buying your first home is exciting but can also be confusing. As your mortgage advisers our aim is to make the whole process as simple and easy as possible. This means we will help you to consider deposit requirements, assess the risks and determine what features are important to you in a loan. We don't work for the banks and are able to assess hundreds of loans in finding a suitable loan for you. From pre-approval to settlement we will keep you fully informed and work as your advocates when dealing with lenders, conveyances and solicitors. More than this we can help you to put a debt reduction plan in place so that you not only secure your first home but pay it off sooner. This could save you serious money.

Property Investors

At TLC we understand the complexities associated with investing. After all we are property investors ourselves and understand the different lending criteria associated with investment loans. We know the importance of considering all facets of investment property ownership early in the process as it is this ownership which can determine the amount of tax that will be paid over the life of the investment. An important consideration is whether to purchase the investment property in your own name or within a self-managed superannuation fund. We have a great deal of expertise in borrowing within self-managed superannuation funds and can explain this complex area effectively. If this strategy is appropriate for you we are able to provide, through our specialist referral partners, a full SMSF service inclusive of trust deed & custodial trust deed establishment, investment strategy documentation, SMSF administration including end of year returns, actuarial services and audits.


Interest rates are at record low levels!
You may be paying more interest than you need to under your current loan.

You may wish to lock in an historically low rate of interest for a fixed period of time so that you have more certainty around future repayments and protection, for a period of time, against interest rate rises.

You might also wish to consider features which can be utilised both now and in the future to help finance acquisitions and build wealth in a tax effective manner. All of these are legitimate reasons to review your current mortgage and consider the value of refinancing. With the commitment to your mortgage being a large expense it's wise to review it from time to time. At Tamworth Loan Consultants our business is built around our relationships with our clients and central to this is the review process. We will act impartially in determining whether refinancing your loan may be of benefit to you. 

Paying Off Debt

There are strategies that can be utilised to help pay off your debt sooner. An extra benefit is that these strategies can also help you with other goals such as building wealth for retirement. Through our My Mentor Mentor program we will provide you with a complete budgeting, banking and spending solution that will save you time and money. We will assist you to set up a debt reduction strategy by helping you determine your goals, develop a comprehensive cash flow plan and work out any kinks along the way to ensure a realistic plan remains in place as circumstances change over time. We will act as your budget coach while removing most of the time consuming and boring tasks associated with budgeting. Identified savings can be directed to debt reduction which will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the term of the loan. Another strategy called debt recycling can help you to invest while paying off your home loan. This can also assist you in paying down your home loan sooner.

A Little About Us

At Tamworth Loan Consultants we understand that the only thing more exciting than buying your home is paying it off. Our goal is to enable you to do both, as quickly and easily as possible. We are very different from the other Brokers and Lenders in the marketplace as we don't forget you after you have obtained your loan. We become your loan management partners and will assist you to put a debt repayment plan in place. Using our extensive technical knowledge we will recommend a loan or loans that will help facilitate debt management. We are an innovative Mortgage Broking firm with a passion for helping our clients to meet their lending and financial needs and objectives. We believe that cash flow management should form the basis of all financial journey’s as it will dictate your standard of living, capacity to borrow, ability to meet the cost of necessary expenditure and to save. To this end we offer a unique optional cash flow management service to our client’s where we do most of the work for you so that you have more time for other things. It is so important to have a team working for you that you can trust.

Our Promise To You

  • Professional lending service
  • Your mortgage advocates
  • Innovative Service
  • High ethical standards