A Little About Us

At Tamworth Loan Consultants we understand that the only thing more exciting than buying your home is paying it off. Our goal is to enable you to do both, as quickly and easily as possible. We are very different from the other Brokers and Lenders in the marketplace as we don't forget you after you have obtained your loan. We become your loan management partners and will assist you to put a debt repayment plan in place. Using our extensive technical knowledge we will recommend a loan or loans that will help facilitate debt management. We are an innovative Mortgage Broking firm with a passion for helping our clients to meet their lending and financial needs and objectives. We believe that cash flow management should form the basis of all financial journey’s as it will dictate your standard of living, capacity to borrow, ability to meet the cost of necessary expenditure and to save. To this end we offer a unique optional cash flow management service to our client’s where we do most of the work for you so that you have more time for other things. It is so important to have a team working for you that you can trust.

Our Promise To You

  • Professional lending service
  • Your mortgage advocates
  • Innovative Service
  • High ethical standards